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Choosing the right size press-on nails is crucial for achieving a natural and comfortable fit. Here's how to do it:

  1. Measure the Width: Take the measuring tape and place it horizontally across the widest part of your nail. Make sure the tape is flush against the sides of your nail and not stretched or bent.
  2. Read the Measurement: Use the ruler to measure the width of your nail indicated by the measuring tape. Take note of the measurement in millimeters or inches.
  3. Repeat for Each Nail: Repeat this process for each of your nails, as the width may vary slightly between nails. 



Discover the ultimate versatility in nail styling with our wide range of press-on nails, available in five distinct shapes and various lengths. Whether you prefer the classic elegance of square or the chic sophistication of almond, we have the perfect shape to complement your style. Choose from short, medium, or long lengths to achieve your desired look, ensuring a comfortable and personalized fit. Our press-on nails offer salon-quality results with the convenience of at-home application. Elevate your nail game effortlessly with our trendy shapes and lengths, perfect for anyone searching for premium-quality press-ons. Get ready to slay your manicure game with ease!

For those who may find it challenging to measure their nail sizes accurately using traditional methods. This Nail sizing kit takes the sizing guess work out! we've got you covered! Our sizing kit offers the easiest and most reliable way to find your perfect fitting press-on nails. 

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